A laser coaching session is great for:

:: Developing Clear, Compelling Language That Communicates Your Vision And Brand :: I'll ask you a series of deep and moving questions that will have you get to the heart of your work very quickly. I'll take copious notes and we'll explore and brainstorm possibilities together. This process is extremely profound and if you are like most that I take through this journey, the process of being able to share your story in a way that powerfully describes your work will bring you to tears.

:: Creating Your Professional Bio or "About Page" :: I'll interview you about your life and have you share your shero's journey. Then I'll get to work on personally writing a Professional Bio for you that will have legends blushing. We'll meet up to review the writing together for 1 set of revisions. This is something I've found I have a special knack for, plus I LOVE having women see their greatness through this process. (note: actual call time for this will be two 15-minute calls since most of the work will be done offline.)

:: Reverse Engineering Your Long Term & Short Term Visions With A Profit Map :: We'll go through and organize all of your ideas into a practical, elegant, step-by-step customized blueprint that integrates your passion with your profit. I'll share with you little-known strategies to make everything you do connect and support your visions. You'll leave the call with a personally designed growth plan of your choice: 6 months, 1 year, 2 years or 3 years. And the next steps to make it happen.

:: Discover Your Dream Schedule With A Personalized Time Management Program Tailored Around Your Rhythms:: We'll do a 360 degree review of your life- including your lifestyle, business goals, self-care and responsibilities so you don't feel like you are going crazy running back and forth to get everything done, spinning your wheels being "busy," yet getting nowhere.  This process will bring grace and ease to your life and includes 7 days of follow up emails to support you with your chosen life balance habits.

:: Website, Online Presence, And Email Newsletter Review And Marketing Makeover ::   I will do a deep dive on everything you have online and share the best design, marketing, and sales strategies, tools and resources specifically for your business and your platform that will help up-level your brand and marketing power online. 

:: Lightning Round List Of Questions that you have been stacking up on the how to's for the next phase of your business. I'm happy to devote the entire call to answering as many questions you have as possible!



What Type Of Support Do You Need Most?

Once payment is processed, my assistant Jennie will schedule our session based on your preferences!