The VIP BUsiness immersion day

If you are great at taking action, but need some strategic support in helping you lay out your vision and map out, prioritize, and leverage all the moving parts of your business, so you can stay focused on your best next steps to expand your impact and profitability, this is for you.

You'll receive a gorgeous VIP Immersion Day Playbook to help get your creative juices flowing on what magic you want to create in our session together. (The Playbook alone is an immensely valuable process!).

Next you'll have a Pre-VIP Day Private Consultation With Me to discuss your business and your vision for our Immersion Day. You'll also get a chance to ask any questions in preparation for our work together.

I will review any relevant websites, resources, or printed materials on your work in advance of our session so that we can make the most of our Immersion time together. Based on what you want to focus on, I might give you some pre-work to further support your goals.

We'll have to 2-3 breaks during our session and at the end of the our time I'll answer any and all questions you have left. 

By the end of our session you'll have a complete plan for your projects and your year.

Plus you'll receive a Customized Step-By-Step Roadmap of what to do and when.

We'll have a Follow Up Call the next week to answer any questions that may have bubbled up from our time together. We'll close all of the open loops and you'll be fully resourced with everything you need to start implementing!


this single VIP immersion day will completely

set up and shape your entire business year.

We can usually complete 1-2 big projects in our session, things like:

  • Creating the language and copywriting for your website
  • Creating your signature talk or workshop for speaking engagements
  • Developing and launching a simple 5 page website
  • Making packages and programs complete with prices and compelling descriptions
  • Completing a year of marketing strategies and offers that will bring you maximum exposure
  • Developing a year-long editorial calendar so all of your email newsletters are complete
  • Creating your email newsletter and opt-in gift
  • Plus much, much more

Ready For 1 Solid Day Of Uninterrupted Time And Support For Your Business?

Let's See If We Are A Good Fit For Each Other.